VR technology is a growing force beyond entertainment and an important tool in education, science, commerce, manufacturing, and more.

As one of the first and earliest company in Malaysia to introduce VR rental service back in 2016, we are progressively growing and been at the forefront to offer a wide variety of VR entertainment for events. Our wealth of knowledge in VR, allowed us to offer the most comfortable experience for our client and a suitable offering.

VR Roller Coaster Rental Service

Experience VR Rollercoaster for an immersive and thrilling experience like no other. Our VR motion simulator render at 360°  movement at vertical axis and 50° of freedom at horizontal axes. Hence, the player will feel like riding a real rollercoaster

VR Platforming Rental Service

Step into new dimensions with innovative VR accessory worn on your feet for a unique experience. It allowing you to walk, jump, and run through virtual worlds like never before. After all, while playing VR should be fun, it have to be realistic as well.

VR Football Rental Service

Motion Tracker create a seamless connection between real world and the virtual experience. It capture a pin point accuracy of foot movement into the virtual universe. So kicking a ball will become almost real.

VR Shooting Rental Service

An innovative accessory is designed to provide you with a more stable and comfortable grip, making it easier to play FPS games and other shooting games. It certainly make VR gaming more exciting.

VR Cycling

VR Cycling is a fitness oriented virtual reality through pedaling. This stationary bicycle is fitted with wireless sensors that measure speed, together with VR headset to steer, exercise become more appealing and fun.

VR Car Simulator

Immerse yourself in the world of speed like never before. Race your way to victory in a VR world with a comfortable handling and stunning view. Viewing tracks in VR significantly enhance the experience further

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality present an opportunity to connect audience directly with the VR player in the virtual reality world. Audience will see any movement and challenge faced by the player. Players finally can show off their heroic stance that they have been dreamed of for so long. The shared moment will enhance the vibe and excitement of the event further.

VR Gaming

Our wide range of virtual reality games and devices offers a variety of incredibly realistic visuals and smooth gameplay. Either you want freedom without wires or excellent games options, you won’t go wrong with VR. The experience is just exceptional.