Want to enjoy with your friends a full set of music band but absolutely no experience with music instrument? Or to shoot a moving objects without hurting anyone? We got it here. Come!

To attract more people to experience a fun and enjoyable world of video gaming, a peripheral or additional device was created for easy entry to play games. Just learn a simple basic from our dedicated team, you’ll become in no time.

Come out and play!

Band Set

They may be simple in design, but between its terrific sense of atmosphere, the amazing song selection, and absolutely wicked gameplay, it’s one of the most complete packages that the genre has ever seen. It’s fun to play alone, but even better in groups.

Fighting Set

Arcade sticks make for the best way to play fighting video-games, as they’re built and designed to be the perfect hardware for this particular genre.

Taiko Drum Set

Taiko no Tatsujin is a series of rhythm games. In the games, players simulate playing a Taiko drum in time with music. Over 70 songs, featuring old favorites and brand new ones.

Button Tap Set

Play some rhythm game from popular and nostalgic using a specialized controller. While enjoying the music, you will improve your hand eye coordination. Fun? you bet!

Step Dancing Set

Straight from the arcades, this popular dancing game lets you showcase your moves. Heat up the dance floor and test your skills as you groove to the music. Let the pulsating music and colorful graphics excite your senses as you become a star.

Motion Wheel Set

Upgrade your standard controllers to motion-sensitive racing controls with shifters and motorcycle-style throttle. The Motion Wheel offers freedom of mobility and an intuitive racing experience without the hassle of bulky wheels.

Shooting Set

For shooter game fans, the gun attachment offers an intuitive and immersive control experience. Its authentic design and precision guarantee the most engaging gameplay.

Surfing Set

Surf the wave using the balance board without getting wet, so you can focus more on getting high score. The game is so simple, you just step on the board and start balancing your body.