Draw your audience and keep them entertained with everyone favorite gaming console. Above all, let them have fun.

We have been supplying e-games rental service since 2009. With our comprehensive list of games from multi generation gaming console and a great number of consoles, we certainly will be able to provide your requirement for every types of event, especially esports, accordingly.

PlayStation 4 E-Games Rental Service

PS4 is a video game console manufactured by Sony. The wide variety of games available makes it one of the most popular consoles in our product range of e-games rental service. So it suitable for almost all types of events, either big or small.

PlayStation 5 E-Games Rental Service

The PlayStation 5 is the latest video game console by Sony. Goes up to 4K 60hz video output, producing smoother motion and transition. Couple it with our 4K TV line-up, unquestionably it’s a sneak peek future of gaming.

PC Gaming

Packed with all the high-specs features necessary for the best gaming experience, this package is tailor-made for all PC gamers and E-sports lovers.