Whether you need a straight forward rental service of simulators, need to put more immersion or a care for branding – we can help.

Our team has many skills and vast experience, so we’re able to offer a wide array of our simulator rental options. We will advice what your event should have and some alternatives.

So please check out below, see if anything can interest you and suitable for your event!


Running Simulator Rental Service

This is the perfect addition for fitness-related events, designed to take your heart-pumping activities to the next level!

Cycling Simulator Rental Service

Gear up the fun and thrill at your events, and enjoy the most famous and challenging cycling classics in the world either solo or with a partner!

Car Simulator Rental Service

Beat and bang your way to the front in hundreds of different cars with realistic handling and feel, that promises to deliver the exact exhilaration you’re seeking!

Motobike Simulator

Test your riding skills on a custom race bike replica frame and race on a computer generated circuits worldwide which offers a realistic handling to develop and improve your skills.

Flight Simulator Rental Service

Experience the thrill of soaring through the skies, feeling the breeze in your hair, virtual or otherwise. Whether for fun or training, it will guarantees to take you high and above.

Air Combat Simulator Rental Service

Strap yourself into the cockpit of some of the world’s most formidable fighter planes and embark on daring and nerve-shredding tactical dogfights!

Golf Simulator

This setup will offer a realistic and competitive play wherever you are. The enclosure ensures a safe environment, so you can play without worrying about hitting anything or anyone.

Fishing Simulator

The most realistic simulation of fighting a fish without getting wet.
Using a real Fishing Rod and Reel you feel this fish strike, ethe rod bends, the reel screams and the fight is on in front of you on the screen.

This new excitement will be coming real soon!